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    Now the 32 Olympiad Games is holding in Tokyo, Japan. Do you like weight lifting sports? Weight lifting is a sport of power and skills. Amazingly, the athlete can lift the heavy barbell that is heavier than their weight. But do you notice the white powder they put on hand? It’s the weightlifting chalk. The powder chalk can help them hold the barbell tightly.

    Simiaotong is a professional sports chalk manufacturer, and our main products include block chalk, powder chalk, liquid chalk. In this post, we will share everything you should know about weight lifting chalk. Ok, let’s dive into the post.

    What is weight lifting chalk?

    The weightlifting chalk material is magnesium carbonate. It’s a kind of white powder. Maybe you think it sounds like the chalk that uses on a blackboard. But actually, these two chalks are not the same thing. The blackboard chalk material is mainly lime.
    You will also see the weight lifting chalk in other situations, like bodybuilders, badminton players, etc. The main purpose they are using the chalk is to absorb the sweat on hand. It can help them to perform better in the competitions.

    Weightlifting Chalk Block Gym Chalk Block (2)

    What does chalk do in weight lifting?

    Weightlifting is a kind of sport that needs power, patience, and insistence. It’s not as easy as we see in front of the television.
    On the contrary, there are dangers when the athlete pulls the barbell and lifts it above the head. That’s because, once their hands are sweaty, they didn’t raise the barbell above their head. The heavy barbell will fall off and get their back hurt.
    So, the weight lifting chalk can ensure there are no mistakes during the weightlifting. This is the main purpose of the chalks do.

    Weightlifting Chalk Block Gym Chalk Block (2)

    What are the weight lifting chalk categories?

    There are three main weight lifting chalk categories: block chalk, liquid chalk, and powder chalk. But, there is a question, which kind of chalk shall I use when doing the weight lifting.
    Ok, my answer is that it depends on the workout situation. It’s because each chalk has its characteristics.
    Since the block chalk is a piece of chalk, just like the soap, you need to rub it on your hand. So, there is no extra dust going into the air. At the same time, people can apply the powder chalk evenly on their hands with excess chalk dust going into the air. It may cause allergic reactions to those who are sensitive to the powder chalk. If you are working out with other people, it’s best to use liquid chalk. They are easy to use and carry, and there’s no pollution like the powder chalk.


    How can we wholesale the Weight lifting chalk from you?

    Our factory is a professional sports chalk manufacturer in China since 2005. We have about 16 years of experience in sports chalk developing and manufacturing. If you want to customize the sports chalk with your logo, don’t hesitate to contact us for more details via the contact form below.


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