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    Since outdoor sports and indoor sports are becoming more and more popular these days, the sports chalk demand is rising rapidly these years. If you want to start your sports chalk wholesale business, we suggest you cooperate with the sports chalk manufacturers. In this post, we will share the seven tips you should know.

    Find a real sports chalk manufacturers

    If you want to make your distribution prices more competitive, we suggest that you can cooperate with the direct chalk manufacturer. By doing business with the direct manufacturer, you will know more about the products. And there’s no delay if you want to know the latest situation of your production order since there is no middle man.

    What is the pure grade of the sports chalk?

    The pure grade of the chalk will have a significant effect on the performance when doing sports. So we suggest that you can first buy some samples before placing the order. Once you have tested the sports chalks to meet your requirements, you can proceed with the order.

    Does the sports chalk have relevant certifications?

    Since the sports material, chalk, is magnesium, the export will usually require the CTI test report. So you can check with them if their products have the relevant certificate.

    Does the manufacturer accept OEM service?

    Get your logo, and on the package of the sports, chalk can always let the customers remember your brand. If you are new to the sports chalk wholesale business, it’s best that finding a sports chalk that can provide the OEM service.
    And usually, they will require a large MOQ for the custom packing since the printing and packing will need a large quantity for customizing your design. You’d better consult with the manufacturer about this.

    Does the manufacturer have experience in international shipping?

    Since the sports chalk material is powder or liquid, the express will ask for the non-dangerous product test report if you want to ship them by air. You can check with the manufacturer if their product has that report.

    What is their production capacity?

    If you have a big order, then the production lead time is very important. Because it can ensure the delivery time, and it can also reflect the management of the manufacturer.

    Does the manufacturer has the SGS factory audit report?

    Many companies will require the factory audit for the order production; if your customers or the company needs the factory audit report, you can check with the manufacturer. And on the other hand, you can know more details about the manufacturer via the SGS report.

    liquid chalk production workshop

    Ok, I guess that you have to know more tips about the wholesale sports chalk manufacturer. Our company Simiaotong has more about ten years in the sports manufacturing. Our products mainly include block chalk, powder chalk as well as liquid chalk. Please get in touch with us via the below contact form; we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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