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    Are you a climber? Do you want to climb a mountain with your friends at the weekend? I guess many people have the experience of climbing outdoor with friends. What gears do you usually take? No matter how many kits are on your list, you can’t forget to add the liquid climbing chalk to the list.

    Simiaotong is a professional sports chalk manufacturer in China since 2010. With over ten years of experience in the sports chalk manufacturing industry, our customers are from the US, Europe, and many other countries. Our main products include block chalk, powder chalk, as well as liquid chalk.

    In this post, we will share with you the climbing chalk.

    Is liquid chalk good for climbing?

    The answer is an absolute yes. The liquid chalk is always a must-take gear on the list. It can coat your hands evenly and quickly dry after spraying a layer on your hands. The liquid chalk has great performance in keeping your hands dry and giving you strength when climbing.

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    What are the liquid chalk climbing ingredients?

    The liquid chalk material is usually magnesium, carbonate, alcohol, and other two or three ingredients. They are resin or water. When you apply the liquid chalk to your hands, the alcohol will disappear, and your hands become dry with chalk. But some climbers are allergic to liquid chalk; you can try other brands of liquid chalk if you are allergic.

    Does Chalk Help Climbers Performance?

    Many s studies have shown that sports chalk can help to improve the climber’s performance. This research indicates that the chalk will improve the between the climber’s hands and the rock. The additional friction can help the climber hold the rock longer than without the chalk. Therefore the chalk can improve the climber’s performance.

    How long does the chalk last?

    The durability of liquid chalk climbing depends on its capacity. Usually, the 50ml liquid chalk is enough for your climbing at the weekend. Before you go climbing, you should keep the user in mind, and it’s wise that bring some extra liquid chalk.

    How Much Chalk Should You Use For Climbing?

    Well, how much liquid chalk you should use depends on how much you need. Since each climber has a different situation, some have more oil and sweat during climbing, while some don’t have as much as others have. So if you are suggesting your friends on the usage, please also share with them the details.

    Should You Use A Chalk Bucket Or Waist Chalk Bag For Climbing?

    Since you can’t do different actions when climbing, so it’s necessary to take a chalk bucket with you. A chalk bucket and waist chalk bag are for other climbing disciplines. In general, chalk buckets are for bouldering and speed climbing. But the waist chalk bags are for rock climbing. If you do both and only want to purchase one or the other, consider what climbing discipline you do the most and pick that one.

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