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    Many people like outdoor or indoor sports, like rock climbing, weight lifting, or doing exercise in gyms. Take rock climbing, for example, and they will usually bring a chalk bag with the powder chalk behind them to get the chalk when climbing. As you can see here, rock climbing sports usually need powder chalk. But when and where to use the liquid chalk? In this post, we will share the Difference between liquid chalk vs dry chalk with you.

    What does liquid chalk do?

    Powder chalk is always the first choice for rock climbers because they are easy to get when climbing, and then the powder will distribute evenly on your hand. But some situations do not allow people to take the powder chalk. It can cause pollution on rocks and equipment. 

    Liquid Chalk VS Dry Chalk: Is liquid chalk better than dry chalk?

    In many cases, liquid chalk is a substitute for powder chalk. Especially in the gym, many of the gyms do not allow powder chalk. 

    The liquid chalk is easy to dry because it contains rubbing alcohol. It works to dry out any moisture in your hands quickly.

    If you ask one climber what chalk is their best choice, I guess their answer will be the liquid chalk. Since liquid chalk is fast-drying in nature, many climbers prefer it to dry chalk to coat their hands.

    Does liquid chalk difficult to wash off than dry chalk?

    When you use dry chalk, your palms absorb a lot of it, which means they’ll need a thorough cleaning after climbing. However, even though liquid chalk lasts longer, it only forms a small layer on your hands. What this means is that you can clean it easily without a lot of scrubbing. 

    Will the liquid chalk last longer than the block chalk?

    The liquid chalk can offer better coverage than dry chalk but can dry out your hand significantly more. Many climbers say that liquid chalk lasts longer than dry chalk. They will also spray a layer of the liquid chalk and put some additional dry chalk on their hands. It will last for many hours throughout a long day of climbing. 

    How can we wholesale the chalks from your company?

    Since many people want to go out climbing or to do the daily exercise in gyms, the sports chalk marketing demand is rising rapidly. Our company Simiaotong is a professional sports chalk manufacturer since 2010. Our main products include block chalk, liquid chalk, and powder chalk. 

    With more than ten years of experience in this industry, we have thousands of customers from all over the world. We provide OEM and ODM services; don’t hesitate to contact us for more details if you want to develop your brands.  

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