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    Gymnastics sports combine strength and flexibility. It’s a kind of enjoyment watching the athletes on the horizontal bar. Meanwhile, gymnastics sports are also a little dangerous. Because once the athlete falls, they will get hurt very seriously. So you can see them put the gymnastics chalk powder on their hands before the competition. In this post, we will share with you the gymnastics chalk you should know.

    Our company, Simiaotong Sports Chalk Manufacturer, is a professional chalk factory in China. Our products include block chalk, liquid chalk, and powder chalk. We will share everything about the chalk. 

    What is gymnastics chalk? 

    Let’s first know something about the chalk. The gymnastics chalk material includes inorganic salt, magnesium carbonate, and the chemical formula is MgCO3. Essentially, chalk has two main purposes. One is to absorb the sweat off of gymnasts’ hands. And the other one is to keep a better grip on apparatuses such as the parallel or uneven bars. So the athletes will not fall off because of the hand slip. 

    About The Gymnastics Chalk Several Tips You Should Know

    Is Gymnastics Chalk Harmful?

    Well, since the chalk ingredients are not seriously toxic, it does little harm when using them. But it’s not suitable to eat them because it’s harmful to your digestion system and internal organs. 

    But if there is too much chalk dust in the air, and people breathe it into the lungs, there will cause some breathing problems. The chalk dust will be harmful to the allergic persons; that’s why most gyms do not allow the chalk. 

    What body parts use chalk powder?

    As you may find that when watching gymnastics sports, the athletes will cover them from head to toe with chalk. They don’t just use the chalk on their hands. But also on feet and legs. Take female gymnasts as a sample, and they will use the chalk on their hands and feet before performing a routine on the balance beam. 

    Gymnastics Chalk 2

    Why do the male gymnasts put honey on their hands with gymnastics chalk?

    The male gymnasts have parallel bars in the competition. So they usually use honey to provide grip when they perform on the bars. It’s common that a gymnast to squeeze the love onto the palm of their hands and rub them together. There is another way that they add water into the chalk. 

    Do the gymnasts bring their chalk buckets?

    The gymnast’s hands have the memory of the chalk, and almost every gymnast has their brand of chalk. It’s just like every badminton player has their racket. The bad chalk may ruin their performance in the competition. So each gymnast will have their chalk bucket. The bucket is about 5 “x3″ x2” and fits neatly in a Tupperware tub with a snaplock lid. 

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