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    What are the famous scenes about chalk you have ever seen in the sports arena? If you are an NBA basketball fan and support Lebron James, you will never forget how he threw the powdered chalk into the air. However, his chalk toss may bring effect to others. Now, in this post, we will share with you everything about chalk powder.

    Powder Chalk factory

    About SMTO Sports Chalk Manufacturer

    Our company Simiaotong is a professional sports chalk manufacturer in China since 2010. With more than ten years of experience in this industry. Our company has gained hundreds of customers all over the world. Our products include block chalk, powder chalk, and liquid chalk.

    In this post, we will share the liquid chalk and how the fluid chalk production process. And what sports mainly use them.

    How to make the powder chalk?

    Usually, the powder can get from the block chalk,
    The easiest way to get the powder is to grid the block chalk into a powder. Since there will be too much chalk cloud when grinding the block chalk, please remember to put the block chalk into a clear plastic bag. You can grind them with fitness wheels.

    Chalk powder for climbing

    Climbing is a dangerous outdoor sport, and you need to always keep your hand clean during climbing. This is very important during the climbing. What’s more, the climber’s hands should keep coated with chalk, so there will be enough friction. And to make the powder easier to take, climbers usually will have a waist chalk bag.

    Chalk powder for gymnastics

    The gymnasts usually consume a large amount of chalk for exercise or the competition. That’s because they need to put the chalk on their hands and their feet. So it can ensure they can perform better in the competition. And to increase their grip, they will usually add some honey or water.

    Powder Chalk manufacturer

    Chalk for lifting

    Weight lifting is another sport that uses chalk in the competition. The chalk can help them to hold more tightly when lifting the heavy barbell. And on the other hand, it can avoid accidental hurt because of hand slips.

    Powder chalk bag and bucket

    The climbers usually wear the chalk bag in their waist because this can make them get the chalk as easily as possible. Especially, they are in some breath-taking situations. And usually, the gymnasts will take their chalk bucket because they know which brands of chalk are suitable for them.

    Our factory is located in Handan city, Heibei Province. Welcome to China and our factory. Our products can meet all the products tests. So please do not hesitate to contact us when you are interested in our products.


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