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    Are you bore of the house to office life? Do you want to go out for a trip after a long period of work to relax? Yes, most people will be tired of work and want to get away from the city. If you are looking for fitness, fun, and a healthy dose of adrenaline, then rock climbing is a worthy pursuit. Here, we prepared a climbing gear list for beginners. 

    First, you need to find an experienced person to be your guide. Since you do not know the climbing and how to live outdoor. A guide can help you deal with many problems. 

    Next, you can prepare your basic rock climbing equipment list according to this climbing gear list for beginners.

    Climbing Gear list for beginners

    Climbing Clothing 

    The climbing clothing doesn’t have too many restrictions. Just remember, the dress shouldn’t get in the way of you or the rope. The clothing should be breathing, wick sweat, and quick dry. So that you can stay warm and comfortable while climbing. If you are climbing outdoors, please also take clothing for climate change. 

    Rock climbing shoes

    Climbing shoes can protect your feet while providing the friction you need to grip footholds. Most styles are quite versatile, but your climbing ability and where you climb are factors in choosing the correct shoe. 

    Climbing Helmet

    Always keep in mind that safety must come first. So you must wear a climbing helmet when climbing outdoors. The helmet can protect your head from falling rock upcharge. And it can help your head when there is a fall from high. We suggest you try the helmet in a store, so you will know if the helmet fits your head. 

    Rock Climbing Chalk

    Your hands will be sweaty when climbing for a while, and it will be very dangerous if your hands can hold the rock tightly. So the climbing chalk can help your hands gain more friction and keep the stone tightly. 

    There are liquid climbing chalk, block chalk, and climbing powder chalk. If you do not know how to choose the chalk, powder chalk will always be the first choice. Our company is a professional sports chalk manufacturer; you can always contact us for more information about the chalk. 

    Rock climbing harness 

    The rock climbing harness is also a kind of safety product. Usually, it consists of two parts, waist belts, and leg loops. Your harness allows you to tie into the rope securely and efficiently. All saddles have two front tie-in points designed specifically for threading the string and tying in, one at the waist and one at the leg loops. Generally, the tie-in points are different than the dedicated belay loop. Buckling your harness correctly is essential for safety.

    Climbing Gear list for beginners 2

    There are certainly many kits you should take for rock climbing, and they are rock climbing carabiner, rock climbing Tampines, rock climbing harness, rock climbing ropes, etc. Please always remember to check the stuff before you go out climbing. 

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