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    Everyone wants to have muscles like Rock Johnson. He is super strong and has much power. Because muscles mean heath and can show others your living attitude, that’s why more and more people spend hours in the gym every week or even every day. But, as your know, most of the gym does not allow chalk. In this post, we will share what chalk for the gym you should take in the gym.

    Simiaotong is a professional sports chalk manufacturer in China since 2010. With over ten years of experience in the sports chalk manufacturing industry, our customers are from the US, Europe, and many other countries. Our main products include block chalk, powder chalk, as well as liquid chalk.

    First, let’s get some knowledge about chalk.

    How many kinds of chalk?

    According to the chalk forms, there are block chalk, gym liquid chalk, and chalk powder. Why they have different states is to make people use them properly. Just like the gym situations, since they are usually enclosed spaces, if people use the chalk powder, there will be chalk clouds all around the area. It will pollute the environment, and what’s more, it will harm health.

    liquid chalk vs dry chalk

    How do the chalk ingredients affect health?

    Since the main ingredient of the chalk is magnesium, and if there’s a chalk dust cloud in the gym, people will breathe the magnesium into the lungs, and this will cause health problems. So, health is the main reason for banning powder chalk in the gym.

    What equipment in the gym need chalk?

    Since the chalk mainly adds friction to the hands, some strengthening equipment needs chalk to avoid incidents. Their types of equipment are barbells, horizontal bar, barbell kettles, deadlifting, etc.
    Some other ball sports also need chalk, and they are badminton, ping pong; the chalk can improve the sports performance.

    What chalk do we suggest using in the gym?

    We suggest that you can take the liquid chalk when doing exercise. By using the liquid chalk, you won’t make trouble for others. And the liquid chalk won’t spray the dust into the air. They have even better performance for the equipment. If you are allergic to liquid chalk, we suggest that you try other brands containing less resin.

    If you want to start up your sports chalk wholesale business, please do not hesitate to contact us; we accept the custom OEM service, you can send us your brands and packing requirements. We will come up with you with the solution. Please fill below contact form, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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